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We’re celebrating! On 1 Feb 2013 “Between a rock and a hard place” entered the blogosphere, and just five months later we’ve had over 10,000 views.  A big thanks to everyone who has had a peek at our blog – keep on reading!

We've made to over 10,000 views!
We’ve made to over 10,000 views!

Reaching milestones often makes one ponder on the past; however, we can clearly remember the last five months so there’s not much to reminisce on. Instead I’m going to snoop at YOU guys.

How do you guys end up clicking on us?
Facebook and Twitter are our big referrers with 1,882  and 862 visits originating from these sites.

Some of readers come from the traditional Google search. The joy of having site stats means that we know which search terms led viewers to our pages. Some of our favourites include “phd hobbies”; hopefully we proved there is such thing as a life outside a PhD, although the person who searched “road ahead unclear” may not be feeling too perky about his or her PhD. Who knows how searching for “pierce brosnan news” lead someone to us?! But my personal favourite is “geology themed play area” – what a cracking idea! Anyone keen to invest in one for our department? Our heart goes out for the poor soul who searched for “treatment for hydrofluoric acid burns” we hope you’re ok! Finally, perhaps you readers can answer these common search terms: “is geology hard” and “do earth scientists get paid a lot”?

Where are the Between a rock readers from?
First and foremost, we are international! Readers have come from more countries than we ourselves have been to. This is quite a feat as us PhD lot are a bunch of globetrotters. We’ve had readers from far-flung places such as Tanzania, Columbia, South Korea and New Zealand. However, our readers are overwhelmingly logging in from the UK. We also have a happy following in the US, Australia and Germany. There are readers in every continent expect Antarctica, although as Internet access improves this will surely change!

Our readers are an international bunch
Our readers are an international bunch

Predictably, within the UK most readers are from Bristol. That aside, our UK visitors are largely resident in London, Cardiff, Cambridge and Leeds.

Location of UK blog readers
Location of UK blog readers

Finally, what blog posts are your favourite? You’ll be pleased to know that all five authors have a blog post in the top viewed posts. Check out Charly’s, KT’s, Mel’s, Hickey’s and my* top posts!

There is some exciting news for the blog in the next few months along so buckle up and keep reading.

[For the geekier among you (myself included) I was also fascinated about other little nugget of facts that Google Analytics provides. Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser used among the readers and Virgin Media appears to be the preferred internet network (after logging in from the University of Bristol network). If people are checking out the blog on mobile devices then Apple iPhones and iPads are leaps and bounds ahead of other devices such as the Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II and the Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S. All in all, this much detail is a little creepy!]

*My volcano post will be back up shortly – just sorting copyright details!


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