Alumni profiles

Former Bristol PhD students prove that there is life after the thesis hand-in…

DSCF0418Dr Alex Dunhill

Research Fellow, University of Bath

PhD (2012) “The sampling proxy approach to testing the quality of the fossil record”

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Ceri Wyn-ThomasDr Ceri-Wyn Thomas

Publishing editor, IOP Publishing

PhD (2012) “Decoding the fossil record of embryonic development”

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UntitledDr Emma Williams

Analytical chemist, Natural History Museum

PhD (2012) “Carbonatite-silicate volcanism and mantle metasomatism: Case studies from Calatrava, Spain”

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fred_rrpicDr Fred Witham

Aerothermal Combustion Engineer, Rolls-Royce

PhD (2008) “The degassing of basaltic magma chambers”

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duncan muirDr Duncan Muir

Post-doctoral research assistant, Uppsala University

PhD (2013) “Investigating Magma Storage Conditions at Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivia”

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Dr Susan LittleDr Susan Little

Post-doctoral researcher, ETH Zürich

PhD (2013) “The Oceanic Biogeochemical Cycling of Cu and Zn and their Isotopes’

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DSC_0500Dr Sam Engwell

Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher, INGV

PhD (2013) “Dynamics and Deposits of Large Explosive Eruptions’

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