Phreatic eruptions – the silent assasins

The recent eruption of Mt Ontake, Japan tragically killed at least 50 hikers who were on the volcano at the time. Within hours of the eruption taking place, social media was flooded with first-hand video footage illustrating just how close many survivors came to perishing in an onrushing pyroclastic flow. Despite having a sophisticated seismic […]

Alumnus profile #5 – Dr. Duncan Muir

Originally posted on the EGU blog network Dr Duncan Muir Post-doctoral research assistant, Uppsala University PhD title “Investigating Magma Storage Conditions at Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivia”  

Science Snap (8): White Island erupts!

Originally posted on the EGU blog network White Island is a small volcano roughly 30 miles off the coast of the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. It is part of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, which is also home to the impressive Lake Taupo, a flooded caldera that formed in an eruption (a ‘super-eruption’ if you […]

PhD profile #5 – James Hickey

James Hickey – 2nd year PhD student “Constraining volcanic unrest with integrated geodetic modelling”   1) The Twitter challenge: Your PhD in 140 characters Modelling the causative processes that incite volcanic unrest at the surface using finite element analysis – aiding hazard forecasting.