Coral, wanted dead and alive; a brief excursion into the world of coral science

Today we have a guest post from Dr. Peter Tomiak who delves into the life and death of corals… I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology and Geology at the University of Bristol in 2008. Subsequently I undertook a sponsored internship with Save The Elephants, in Samburu National Park Kenya, before starting a short term position alongside Prof. Adrian Lister at […]

PhD profile #5 – James Hickey

James Hickey – 2nd year PhD student “Constraining volcanic unrest with integrated geodetic modelling”   1) The Twitter challenge: Your PhD in 140 characters Modelling the causative processes that incite volcanic unrest at the surface using finite element analysis – aiding hazard forecasting.

PhD profile #1 – Charly

Charly Stamper – 3rd year PhD student “Differentiation of mantle-derived magmas from beneath Grenada, Lesser Antilles”   1) The Twitter challenge: Your PhD in 140 characters Unravelling the mystery of how magma chambers work by making synthetic replicas of volcanic rocks – Caribbean fieldwork is a bonus!