Living the life 2: socials, sports and salvation

Most people enjoy a drink with friends, or taking part in some of their favourite exercise. And PhD students are no different (at least in that respect…). In fact, the flexibility of most PhD programs allows us to enjoy these simple pleasures more than your average Joe (or Jill).

Living the life 1: Things are going great…

Friend: “How are things?” PhD Student: “Meh…” When muttered to most PhD students* those three words often conjure up thoughts of contempt and general dissatisfaction. However, what most of us seem to forget is that regardless of how any work may be progressing, we actually have one of the best jobs going.

How satellites rule your world

Satellites are awesome. To be honest, I expected to be fed up with them by now. However, after three years of a PhD where I use satellite images daily, I still find them utterly fascinating. I may use them to study the Earth’s surface, but satellites secretly rule your world too. By the time you’re reading […]

Why do an Earth Sciences PhD?

As a third year PhD student coping with the usual struggles of paucity of data, broken machines and the impending end of funding, it can sometimes be hard to remember why anybody would choose to do a PhD in the first place. But with around 900 Earth Science students in England embarking upon such a […]