What’s up in Bolivia?

Originally posted on the EGU blog network To many, Bolivia is just an unassuming landlocked country in South America, perhaps most famous for its coca tea obsession and ‘gap yah’ alpaca wool sweaters. But to a number of enthused volcanologists it is a near-perfect playground. In the southwest of the country, sitting at 6008 m […]

Science Snap (9): Sentinel-1

Sentinel-1 satellite to be launched in Spring 2014. Copyright: ESA/ATG Medialab Originally posted on the EGU blog network This isn’t strictly a photograph but an artist’s impression of a new satellite launching soon that will hopefully change the pace and advancement of a satellite remote sensing technique I use in my PhD, InSAR. Sentinel-1 will be the […]

Kenya’s rumbling volcanoes

Originally posted on the EGU blog network. In the Kenyan Rift, where volcanoes are numerous, satellite observations have identified ground deformation at a number of volcanic centers. Radar images reveal that shallow magma systems may be active under at least four of the volcanoes in Kenya, but whether the signals are driven by an influx of […]

Science snaps (1): Africa’s Ups and Downs

Previously published on the EGU Blog Network on 16th August 2013 Each week we’ll be featuring our favourite ‘science snaps’ on the blog. These posts will showcase images, photos, films and figures that we encounter on a day-to-day basis, as well as things which we simply think are cool and should be gawped at. All of […]