Blue Hole, Andros

PhD reflections: KT

Between a Rock and a Hard Place began as an Earth Science PhD blog in February 2013, as a place to ramble on about PhD life and general science topics. Almost two years later, some of the contributors have finished, others have submitted, and the rest are nearing the end. Over the next few weeks, […]

From rocks to riches

A lot of people think that doing an Earth Science PhD involves looking at rocks. Most of the time they’d be wrong (experimental petrology = making pretend rocks; geochemistry = water; geophysics = computers; palaeontology = colouring in), but just occasionally, I do get to play with the real thing. From sample pick-up to analysis, […]

Postcards from afar

You may have noticed that the blog has undergone a bit of a revamp. Our new header images have been supplied by some intrepid travellers from our PhD cohort. Find out a bit more about them below!

So, are you looking forward to your holiday?

“So are you looking forward to your holiday?”  “It’s not a holiday, its field work” “But you’re going to Bahamas…It must be a holiday?”  

Where in the World? The dark side…

Have you seen Where in the World? Everybody knows the best part of an Earth Sciences PhD is the travel, be it to conferences, fieldwork or to use facilities in other geoscience departments, and so we set out to map the destinations of the current PhD cohort. As you’d expect, the biggest coverage is in […]

PhD profile #1 – Charly

Charly Stamper – 3rd year PhD student “Differentiation of mantle-derived magmas from beneath Grenada, Lesser Antilles”   1) The Twitter challenge: Your PhD in 140 characters Unravelling the mystery of how magma chambers work by making synthetic replicas of volcanic rocks – Caribbean fieldwork is a bonus!