Welcome to ‘Between a rock and a hard place’

Welcome to Between a rock and a hard place (http://betweenarock.co.uk)!

The blog is the brainchild of Elspeth Robertson and Charly Stamper, wannabe members of the science twitterati and PhD students in the School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, UK. Whilst our PhDs don’t define us (yet), we find ourselves chatting all things research and science-related most of the time and we thought it was time to share this with the world.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be blogging about volcanoes, the secret lives of PhD students, TV programmes, magazines, liquid nitrogen and whatever else pops into our head. And it won’t just be us two; we are actively recruiting for writers!

Stay tuned.

Charly & Elspeth x

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About Charly Stamper

I’m an ex-experimental petrologist.
I used to make pretend volcanoes; now I work in renewable energy

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