Shock horror…there is ONE woman in charge!

On Wednesday 20th March, there was a buzz in the twitter-sphere.  The famous (it has over 4 million followers) “I F*cking Love Science” Facebook page’s administrator joined Twitter and, oh my, did it cause a storm.  Not from the cries of people questioning why it has taken so long to have a cross over to Twitter, or wonderment at the science that was tweeted. No, it was the fact that Elise Andrew runs the page, and she is a woman.

woman_in_chargeNow many before me have blogged and commented on the fact that the majority of the first tweets she received were about her gender, even Elise herself was overwhelmed by this fact.  I’m not going to jump on a feminist rant about why people shouldn’t have assumed that the person running the page was a man or how women love science too (because evidently, we do).  The fact that seems so overlooked in this matter is that ONE person runs this page.  Now for me, that is the point people should have focused on.  She runs it alone.

If you do not follow I F*cking Love Science or the cleaner version Science is Awesome, I strongly urge you too.  Every day, on my Facebook feed I get bombarded with interesting and often amusing information about science.  Not just one discipline of science, but there is literally something for everyone, from earth sciences to astronomy to biology and neurology.  Each post is written in such a concise and accessible way so that even if this isn’t your field of science, you still understand and care.  This amazes and inspires me so much that one person has this level of passion about a whole topic and has shared it with a large proportion of the world.  And this is why I tweeted Elise Andrews in a very fangirl, geeky way.


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