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You may have noticed that the blog has undergone a bit of a revamp. Our new header images have been supplied by some intrepid travellers from our PhD cohort. Find out a bit more about them below!

Suzy Torres Del Paine '11 311
Suzanne Jennions -Torres Del Paine, Chile.
A view looking back at the moody skies over Cuernos del Paine on the verge of winter, in the south Chilean national park Torres del Paine. The shot was taken after three days of solitary blue-sky autumn hiking through the Torres, glaciers and stunning landscape of the park. It was the perfect prelude to the research cruise Suzy embarked upon the following week, taking her across the Drake Passage collecting Antarctic and sub-Antarctic samples for her PhD project.
Vesuvius - Emma Johnson
Emma Johnston – Pompeii in the shadow of Vesuvius, Italy.
Emma spent the summer of 2011 based at the small Italian town of Pollena Trocchia, excavating a Roman bath house and villa that was buried by volcaniclastic deposits belonging to the AD 472 and AD 505-512 eruptions of Mt. Vesuvius. As well as shedding light on the cultural aspects of this region, the findings from this project are able to reveal more on the volcanological history of Vesuvius, and will be used to assess the character of, and potential impacts from, a future eruption.
Mel Mt St Helens
Melanie Auker – Mt St Helens, USA.
In August 2011, Mel spent some time working at the Cascades Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, Washington. She was with a small group following a USGS field guide, looking at various different deposits. As a non-geologist, her natural instinct was of course to turn around and take pictures of the rather amazing volcano, rather that the tephra layers they were in the process of uncovering.
Hickey - ash layers
James Hickey – volcanic flow deposit on the western flanks of Morne Aux Diables (Devil’s Peak), Dominica.
This photo was taken in the Caribbean whilst doing a GPS campaign survey of Dominica to aid with the long-term monitoring of the island’s many volcanoes following a period of seismic unrest in 2009.
Emma Williams – volcanic maar in Calatrava Volcanic Province (CVP), Spain.
The CVP is an alkaline mafic ultramafic province, comprising over 200 monogenetic cones and vents. It may be the largest expression of intercontinental carbonatite-melilitite volcanism in mainland Europe.


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