Desert island books

If all your worldly possessions were set alight in a fearsome blaze, which five books would you save? This thought came to me in the midst of churning some particularly puzzling data; naturally, I disturbed the whole office with my ponderings and ended up starting a heated discussion. Given full literary scope, I would obviously […]

Shock horror…there is ONE woman in charge!

On Wednesday 20th March, there was a buzz in the twitter-sphere.  The famous (it has over 4 million followers) “I F*cking Love Science” Facebook page’s administrator joined Twitter and, oh my, did it cause a storm.  Not from the cries of people questioning why it has taken so long to have a cross over to […]

Cometry Airburst or Earth Burp?

Last Friday, a meteorite hurtling towards the Russian Ural mountains made the headlines when it exploded into a fireball flying across our skies (video at end of post). The shockwave produced by it’s escapade into out atmosphere smashed windows and caused injuries to hundreds of people. Friday’s meteorite encounter made me think back to a […]

Armchair geology

Whilst flicking through the channels this evening, I was musing that it had been ages since I’d seen some quality geology on the TV. Although there appears to be a resurgence in science and nature programming, very little of it has an Earth Sciences slant. In the 34 Horizon episodes aired since 2010, only one […]