Living the life 1: Things are going great…

Friend: “How are things?” PhD Student: “Meh…” When muttered to most PhD students* those three words often conjure up thoughts of contempt and general dissatisfaction. However, what most of us seem to forget is that regardless of how any work may be progressing, we actually have one of the best jobs going.

The A to Z of PhD life

You might remember Elspeth’s PhD in 40 seconds and Charly’s How to make a rock in 60 seconds that were posted over the last few weeks. Here, I give you my take on a PhD in a nutshell…

How to make a rock (in 60 seconds)

Following on from Elspeth’s PhD in 40 seconds, I decided to document the goings on in the basement of the Wills Building. I tried to capture a second a day for a month (allowing for artistic license), and here is the result. Enjoy! The background music is Apply Some Pressure by Maxïmo Park – I […]

PhD in 40 seconds

PhD life is often enigmatic to the outside world. Sometimes even enigmatic to ourselves. One of our grand blog ideas is to document what the nuts and bolts of doing an Earth Science PhD are really like. So without further ado, here’s a little video of where my PhD has taken me over the beginning […]

How satellites rule your world

Satellites are awesome. To be honest, I expected to be fed up with them by now. However, after three years of a PhD where I use satellite images daily, I still find them utterly fascinating. I may use them to study the Earth’s surface, but satellites secretly rule your world too. By the time you’re reading […]

Eruption of Mount Edgecumbe, Alaska 1974

Mount Edgecumbe is a basaltic/dacitic stratovolcano reaching 970m in height. The volcano hadn’t erupted for nearly 9000-13,000 years, until in 1974, it erupted in the most unusual fashion. Erupted in a way no volcano had ever done before. 39 years ago to the day, inhabitants of a town woke up to a simmering mountain. There […]

So, are you looking forward to your holiday?

“So are you looking forward to your holiday?”  “It’s not a holiday, its field work” “But you’re going to Bahamas…It must be a holiday?”  

Bristol from three perspectives

Choosing where to do an Earth Sciences PhD can be a difficult decision. It’s a real balancing act, ideally combining the research strengths of a department, the project in question and the city where you’ll end up living for three years. Here we hear about Bristol from three PhD perspectives: the leaver; the new arrival; […]

Where in the World? The dark side…

Have you seen Where in the World? Everybody knows the best part of an Earth Sciences PhD is the travel, be it to conferences, fieldwork or to use facilities in other geoscience departments, and so we set out to map the destinations of the current PhD cohort. As you’d expect, the biggest coverage is in […]

The average Bristol Earth Sci PhD student

Just who are the mysterious creatures who spend their days tucked away in the Wills Memorial Building, beavering away at their computers and in underground labs? I set out to find out the answer to this question using a rigorous and unbiased scientific survey*.