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Christmas cracker jokes 2014

Sorcha Q:Why didn’t the geologist want his Christmas dinner? A: He lost his apatite. Elspeth Q: Who did Santa bring along to perform at the Earth Sciences Christmas party? A: Elf-is Presley! Charly Q: What is Father Christmas’s favourite element? A: Holmium (Ho Ho Ho!) KT Q: What happened to Rudolph when he accidentally ate […]

Precariously balanced, these are the Brimham rocks in North Yorkshire, part of the top 100 'Geosites' in the UK. Image credit: BBC News.

Science Snap (#33): Earth Science Week

Earth Science Week is an international initiative to promote the great work that goes on in the geoscience community. It encompasses a huge range of topics; from dinosaurs to glaciers, and volcanoes to meteorites. There’s something for everybody. For an overview of how geoscience can have a positive influence on local communities and save lives, […]

Science Snap (#22) Landslide in Washington state

Originally posted on the EGU blog network This week, the world has been shocked by images of devastation after a huge landslide buried the town of Oso, north of Seattle, in Washington state, USA. At 11:00 PDT on Saturday 22nd March 2014, a 500m-wide section of mud and rock became detached from a hillside above […]

Beyond a rock…

Originally posted on the EGU blog network It’s not often on BaR that we feature a personal blog, but I can’t live a lie any longer. I am officially Beyond a Rock.

Conference Diaries: VMSG Meeting 2014

Originally posted on the EGU blog network The Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group (VMSG) is a combined specialist group of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland, and the Geological Society of London. Each year they hold a meeting, alternating the venue between different UK university departments. This year marked the 50th anniversary of […]

The year that was…2013

Team Between a Rock provides some reflection on the past twelve months, and looks forward to to the year ahead. Charly Elspeth and I had been talking about setting up a blog for quite a while, but since taking the plunge in January, we haven’t looked back. BaR went live in February and since then […]

Christmas cracker jokes 2013

Sorcha Q: What fruit contains Barium and double Sodium? A: BaNaNa! Elspeth Q: Where do geologists like to relax? A: In a rocking chair! Charly Q:What do you call a fossil with three mouths? A: A trilobite! KT Q: What did the sedimentary rock say to the braggin metamorphic rock? A: “You’re so full of […]

Science Snap (3): Earth’s biggest volcano?

The newly discovered submarine Tamu Massif (pictured below), approximately 1500 km east of Japan, has been proposed as the world’s largest volcano. At ~450 km x 650 km it dwarfs Mauna Loa of Hawaii by a factor of 50 in its spatial extent, and is comparable in size to Olympus Mons on Mars (as well […]

Between a Rock goes (even more) global

Loyal readers! A very quick post to publicise the fact that Between a Rock has joined the EGU Blog Network. A network of blogs in the Earth, planetary, and space sciences aimed at fostering a diverse community of geoscientist bloggers, offering them a place to interact with each other and with the European Geosciences Union […]

10,000 views and counting

We’re celebrating! On 1 Feb 2013 “Between a rock and a hard place” entered the blogosphere, and just five months later we’ve had over 10,000 views.  A big thanks to everyone who has had a peek at our blog – keep on reading! Reaching milestones often makes one ponder on the past; however, we can […]