PhD interview preparation

Originally posted on the EGU blog network The following post is written primarily for those who are applying for a PhD project where the funding is supplied by a research council, such as NERC. All PhD interviews are all different, and this post definitely won’t cover everything, but it should help you prepare for most […]

The afterlife of the party

After three to fours years of intense study in a narrow subject field, it’s easy to become blinkered about the future and forget about the ‘real world’. But before you know it, the post-viva champagne has been drunk, the dark recesses of your desk have been cleared, and the PhD stipend has been spent. What […]

Alumnus profile #4 – Dr Fred Witham

Dr Fred Witham Aerothermal Combustion Engineer, Rolls-Royce PhD title “The degassing of basaltic magma chambers”