What’s all the buzz about?

You may have heard, the bees are in danger. Well in fact, they are experiencing what is know as colony collapse disorder (sounds pretty nasty to me), which means the hives are dying off.  The culprits for this are wide ranging including pesticides, climate change, altered land use and alien species (not actual aliens, species […]

Science fiction or science fact?

I’m a big science fiction fan, actually I go so far as to say I am a geek.  I love reading it, I love to talk about it and I especially love watching it.  I am particular fond (I’m going to stop using the word love as I think you all get it by now) […]

Shock horror…there is ONE woman in charge!

On Wednesday 20th March, there was a buzz in the twitter-sphere.  The famous (it has over 4 million followers) “I F*cking Love Science” Facebook page’s administrator joined Twitter and, oh my, did it cause a storm.  Not from the cries of people questioning why it has taken so long to have a cross over to […]

So, are you looking forward to your holiday?

“So are you looking forward to your holiday?”  “It’s not a holiday, its field work” “But you’re going to Bahamas…It must be a holiday?”  

PhD profile #3 – KT

KT Cooper – 3rd year PhD student “The development of porosity and permeability in modern carbonate environments: a combined modelling and field work study” 1) The Twitter challenge: Your PhD in 140 characters Measuring and modelling dissolution of modern carbonates (limestone) by monitoring the groundwater biogeochemistry in the Bahamas.