What is the future of transport?

This beguiling conundrum has intrigued western civilisation for many centuries. Since the invention of the steam engine in the early 18th centuries, people have been striving to predict what technological revolutions will be realised in our transport systems. The year 2000 was a popular benchmark for vehicular soothsayers, with personal airships, commuter rockets and nuclear-fission […]

Onshore wind faces a tough few months after subsidises were brought to an premature end. Photo credit: Richard McCluskey

Looking into Westminster’s crystal ball

Renewable energy is officially mainstream. Once the realm of tree-hungers and hemp-wearing hippies, now the clean and green revolution is on everybody’s radar. Financial giants Bloomberg have reported that renewables investment has overtaken that poured into fossil fuels; the Pope has weighed in as an ardent supporter of renewable energy; and the Germans even have a word […]


Hunting for a purr-fect solution

The recent addition of a feline companion to our family has poised us a question; what do you do with a problem like cat litter? Unless you’re the lucky owner of a cat who does their business exclusively outside, then your cat will invariably regularly present you with a small brown problem. Speaking to various friends […]

fig. 5

What makes a volcano go bang? The Grenadines, Lesser Antilles

Originally posted the Travelling Geologist blog – http://www.travelinggeologist.com/2015/05/volcanoes-of-the-grenadines-with-charly-stamper/ The world’s most explosive and dangerous volcanoes are located at destructive plate boundaries. Here, dehydration of the subducting tectonic plate initiates partial melting of the overlying mantle wedge and produces magma (and hence, volcanoes). Lavas erupted from volcanoes at these locations chart a huge variety of evolved compositions, […]

The venue for Millenium Centre, Cardiff

Wales: Bin there, done that – what next?

10 March saw the CIWM Resource Conference Cymru 2015 being held in Cardiff Bay, Wales. The purpose of the meeting was to share good practice and innovation about recycling and resource management in Wales. Here’s what I found out (with thanks to CIWM/Wastepack for providing the bursary that allowed me to attend!)… Ask anybody what Wales is renowned for and […]

Is there anything more 'Bristol'? Photo credit: Flickr user Vaidotas Mišeikis

PhD reflections: Charly

Between a Rock and a Hard Place began as an Earth Science PhD blog in February 2013, as a place to ramble on about PhD life and general science topics. Almost two years later, some of the contributors have finished, others have submitted, and the rest are nearing the end. Over the next few weeks, […]

Bristol - European Green Capital 2015 and England's first cycling city. Photo credit: Bristol 2015

The year ahead – twenty fift-green?

Firstly, happy New Year from all those at BaR! The start of January always seems to herald a surfeit of navel-gazing blog posts. Therefore, I thought I would attempt to broaden my horizons and consider whether, with only five years to go to meet the 20-20-20 EU climate targets, will 2015 be the greenest year […]

Science Snap (#35): Twinning

Twinning is a phenomenon in mineralogy whereby a single crystal of a mineral has two or more parts in which the crystal lattice is differently orientated. The shared surface between two twins is called the composition or twin plane, and the orientation to either other is determined by symmetry through rotation or reflection; this relationship […]

Science Snap (#34) – Kick ’em Jenny

Kick ’em Jenny is a submarine volcano located 8km to the north of the Caribbean island of Grenada. It lies close to the small, uninhabited volcanic islands of Ronde, Diamond, Ill Caille and Les Tantes, though no physical evidence of the volcano is evident from land. At least twelve recorded eruptions have occurred since Kick […]

Viva cake

Facing up to the big V

The nights are drawing in, the air is getting colder and here in Bristol it seems like viva season is in full swing. Enough time has elapsed since my own viva that I thought I would share my thoughts about what to expect on the big day. Whilst everybody’s experience is different, from talking to […]